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  • The role of capital markets in the financial services industry
  • The role of global capital markets
  • Opportunities and constraints in global markets
  • Public investments and investment banking
  • A level of complexity and speed inherent within modern capital markets
  • A comprehensive overview of the risk management and measurement approaches
capital market course

Well, are you familiar with this?

You are a novice investor who is going to use the capital market to temporarily place free cash to generate a return on capital invested. But you have limited knowledge on how to buy and sell financial products and assess the risk that goes along with each one. This course will be perfect for you to evaluate the risk management process qualitatively and find a cost-benefit management balance.


Do you want to reach such a result?

Studying the course will allow the listener to navigate the modern financial world better. You will quickly evaluate the risk management process's effectiveness based on a deep understanding of the current capital market's core ideas, concepts, and mechanisms.


What decision do we offer?

Analyze capital markets essentials with detailed reviews of market and counterparty risk measures. Master the approach to risk management assessment and get professional advice from an expert coach.

capital markets course
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  • 1. An Introduction to Capital Markets & Key Global Markets
  • 2. Market Functions and the Key Players
  • 3. Equity Markets and Financial Regulation
  • 4. Bank Regulation and Payment Services
  • 5. Public Investments and Investment Banking
  • 6. Fundamentals of Investment Management
  • 7. Fundamentals of Risk Management
capital market courses

It's not whether you're right or wrong that's important, but how much money you make when you're right and how much you lose when you're wrong.

George Soros


Very solid course, with a good overview of global market complexity. It was taught by a professional who made the concepts clear with proper explanation. I strongly recommend this course to all individuals who try to understand the essentials of capital markets and the causes of financial crises, the role of globalization and securitization of financial markets, and its possibilities. - Stephen

I have learned a lot from this course, from understanding how financial markets influence the global economic environment to the nexus between the financial theories, concepts, models, and their application in the real world. The exercises are based on real companies, with actual performances, and reveal the instructor's experience and knowledge on the subject. Highly recommended.- Kassandra

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capital market training

I never thought that studying could bring drive and pleasure! The course was perfectly structured, and the professor taught understandably. Recommended for those who are new to capital markets! - Daniel

I enjoyed the course. It has helped me widen my perception of the global capital markets. But the final test was hard to solve with the course material. - Joe

The course was a bit tricky, but with the program's great structure and explained in an accessible way. I enjoyed it and learned a lot from it. - Sandy

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