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Questions & Answers :

Good website for ukulele chords and songs?
i recently got a ukulele and i want to be able to play songs by popular artists like white stripes, avril lavigne etc. So if anybody knows so good songs or websites please tell me. Thanks :)Song chords for ukulele?
where can I find the chords for songs on the ukulele? ive been looking for them but they are very hard to findHelp with writings ukulele chords for songs?
So I have written these three short songs, almost verses really, and I know how the melody goes and everything but how can I put ukulele chords to them? If the starting note is a C then do I play a C chord on my ukulele?? Also, are piano chords the same as ukulele chords? So if there were an Em chord on the piano, would an Em chord on the ukulele be the same?? (Obviously not the same tone etc but hopefully you get what I mean :) ) Thanks for your help!Spam Love Song Ukulele chords?
Does anyone know the ukulele chords for the Spam Love Song by Victor Kim, Nigahiga, and KevJumba?? My friends and i want to do a performance on this song, and i can't find the chords for it. please answer asap!!! Thanks!!!I need ukulele chords for this song .please!?
can someone send me the correct chords for this song called look me in the eyes on a four string ukulele please! p.s the artist are jonas brothers. im gonna sing it for my girl friend on her birthday! godbless.

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