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Your Song by Elton John - Guitar Chords/Lyrics - Guitar Instructor
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Questions & Answers :

Happy happy new year song guitar chords? Who can help me with cords or music-sheets for this song???Can you make a song with guitar chords?
Art/ Performing Arts (Sorry trying to get into the right category. Music, chords, scales. Ok. So the past few weeks I struggled with chords so much. Yesterday I cut my nails perfectly short. And is it turns out, I can play A, B, C, D, E, G, and F. And all my strings ring!! :D Haha. I heard putting chord together make songs, is it true? BQ: Do I start learning the other chord, too? Like the minor, m7, etc.Big time rush songs guitar chords?
i need chords to the songs shot in the dark, city is ours and halfway there by Big time Rush and can't find them online ANYWHERE! i want easy stuff that says just basic chords(G.C,D,AM, etc.) and if i need a capo and that's it! any websites i can get it from or even just the chords right here? also any kind of guy if possibleCountry Song Guitar Chords?
Can anybody figure out the chords to the song "Tomorrow" by Chris Young how he plays it acoustic all i know is the capo is on the second fret there are high quality videos on YoutubeHow to play songs with guitar chords?
I'm a beginner at guitar and recently just taught myself a bunch of cords or chords however you spell it. I was just wonder how to play chords in a song. For example, when I watch other people play they know just the right time to strum and how much to strum. Another question, how do you know to reverse the chord in a song? Is it necessary for every chord? Thanks in advanc.

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