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Yesterday Once More sheet music by Carpenters (Ukulele with strumming patterns u2013 99809)
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My ukulele is in tune but the chords don't sound right?
I just got it yesterday and I've been trying to play songs but almost all the chords sound horrible. I'm getting so frustrated and I have no idea how to fix thisUkulele strumming help ?
I just bought a ukulele yesterday on Black Friday . I got a Kohala (Kine'o series) Soprano Ukulele . Im having a strumming problem . I don't know how to strum . I've watched videos , and I do it, but I feel like Im doing it wrong . I tried to strum with my fingers , my thumb, and my index finger . Help ? Thanks ! A chord is the G, C, E or A string right ?What kind of ukulele should i buy?? ?
I am wanting to start playing the ukulele! i am very excited and i am wondering what kind of ukulele i should buy? what is the best for a beginner like me?! Also i f you could give me any helpful tips or whatever, thanks a lot!Ukulele help ?
I just got a ukulele yesterday and i was looking at some youtube tutorials on how to play I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz, and i noticed my ukulele sounds way deeper compared to the tutorials on youtube? my ukulele is a black mahalo. I just got it yesterday so i have no idea how to tune it or anything? thanks xHelp Learning The Ukulele?
I just got a ukulele yesterday and need alot of help. I play the saxophone and piano but never a string instrument. I was wondering if anyone had a good site for learning, any help on memorizing chords, any sites with the chords for an easy song. Any help is appreciated since I am virtually lost on how to play since this is my first instrument of its kind.

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