yellow coldplay piano chords

Clarinet - Yellow - Coldplay Sheet Music, Chords, u0026 Vocals - YouTube
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Basic piano chords for coldplays yellow?
ive just downloaded a piano app for my phone & would like to be able to play the intro to yellow could anyone help by posting the actual notes instead of a link? (as you can probably tell im not a musician but i would like to do this for my bf) thanks in advance xYellow and Shiver by Coldplay; 21 Guns by Greenday PIANO sheet music?
If you can give me the sheet music for all or any of those songs above, please dooo. :) Maybe just give me the source or email it to me. Make sure they're the ones that are complete and free. Since I come across websites that give only the first page. And I'd also prefer those for the PIANO ONLY, without the vocal chords. Thank you! :)What are your top 10 favorite acoustic guitar or Piano songs?
I am not talking about classical. I am talking about songs that include singing. Somthing that could be played in a small gig just using a piano and acoustic guita.

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