xylophone chords just give me a reason

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some of you probaby saw my bass guitar notes HELP question. im glad for all the great info, it helped a lot! anyways, the reason i'm so scared about that was because, see, i played piano for about 3 years about 4 years ago, and i told my band teacher and my bass teacher that i played piano and i think that might be why the bass teacher might have pressured me a little harder. anyways, i told my band teacher i would like to play percussion in the band, and he suggested xylophone. i already got my mallets, and i was wondering if i could somhow prepare for xylophone without the instrument. I know the layout and notes are the same as piano, but as i said before, REALLY rusty on the notes. how can i practice notes without specific assignments with the notes? I know it seems like im pushing the limits with starting new things, but since i went to a private school, i didnt have those oppurtunities, and need to learn everything really quick befor i get into high skool. accepting all answer.

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