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What song was this I used to play in the xylophone?
I remembered playing a song when I was a kid that goes like "La Do Si Mi, Mi Sol Mi La, La Sol Fa Sol, Sol Fa Mi Re, Mi Re Do Re Mi" I know the 'chords' or whatever you call them but I don't have any memory of the name of the song. The tune is been stuck in my head for days. Does anybody have any idea what I am talking aboutWhat are the lengths to cut tubes to make a specific musical note sound?
In Blue Man Group they have these huge complex structures of tubing and they hit them with foam paddles and they make different sounds. I am trying to make a mimic of that. It will be with three tubes hopefully. It would be preferable to make it a major chord. So maybe if you could refer me to a website, or tell me the specific lengths. It will end up looking like a xylophone without the wooden blocks on the top. And there will be only three tubes. Thanks so much! The diameter of the tubes are 2 inches. The outside diameter is approximately 2 and a half inches.Was wondering if any of EMO bands would try to play some rock/jazz/metal combination :)?
what you think? thanks an eye for en eye, ;-) frankly i don't care for you dissed my question its the Internet. this is serious question man i'm not joking. :) hey, I asked if EMO bands would try to play metal/jazz. is it a crime? :) no EMO bashing, no point in bashing kids theen: that was exactly my point. NEVER :)I want to play an instrument and sing better?
Okay I've tried playing the piano and the glockenspiel (gosh I hated that thing). But I want to be able to sing and play a different instrument. Not to be famous or anything but I want to be able to sound good. But I feel like I sound horrible. I was singing before and my cousin said my actual voice and hitting notes is the problem. I sound like a little girl and most comment on it. When I record myself singing I can't notice if I'm hitting the right notes or not because my voice sounds worst and younger on audio and it's just a distraction to me. I'm 17 btw. I hear if you play an instrument it could be beneficial to your singing. I'm guessing the glockenspiel could come in handy with notes because it's like a xylophone and I could try to sing each note I hit easier. But it bores me. I still have it, my teacher sucked and I just wasn't feeling it. I tried piano because I told my dad I wanted to and he got me an old piano. I don't know what kind it is actually, but I do know it has these knobs on it, pedals, little things on the corner of the keys I guess to tune it and these button type things that you press to adjust chords, organ, vibrato cancels, solo registers, and solo timbres (about 20 in all). I tried but my brother is good at any musical instrument he touches. He can play any drum, the guitar, piano, and the glockenspiel when I let him use it. He reads music really good too. It made me lose my drive to play the piano. The teacher always complimented him. I only knew how to play jingle bells on the glockenspiel. I'm also crap at reading music. I would cheat and write on the piano keys. I've also been told I'm always off beat and can't keep a rhythm by my music teacher (like when you have to tap your foot and play, I forget and stop tapping to follow beats). Well now I got off my jealousy wagon and want to learn from my brother. But he's away for Marine training. He's the only person I'm good at learning from because he doesn't let me quit (if I quit he makes me feel like crap). I don't have too much money now after paying for college expenses to get an expensive instrument or singing lessons so what do I do? I want to play the drums (most likely drums), violin, or guitar for sure. I don't know my voice type, I can't sing loud, powerful, or high because my voice starts to break/crack. I try to follow the singers but it sounds different and I can't do it. I don't think I sound too bad either. I've had problems breathing through my nose and asthma as a kid so I naturally breathe through my mouth and such even though I can breathe through my nose now. So my singing sounds breathy (if that makes sense).

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