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What are the piano notes for One Direction Best Song Ever?
i am like in love with one direction and i play the piano and if any of you guys know the notes and chords for best night ever can you please type them in your answer i would really appreciate your help. Thank you for answering if you do :)New Piano Lyrics??
Ok, i want to learn piano lyrics (like the music that goes along to songs) to songs that are on the radio. Not bethoven, something more along the lines or meg & dia, or paramore, or plain white t's. anything that graces radio stations.Judge my lyrics please ?
Well first let me explain what they are about It's a song called "Run For You" and it is about a brother who died. It pretty much is saying we fought a lot, and I wish things could have been different and now that you're gone, I'd do anything for you, even run for you. Like you don't know what you go until it's gone. So yeah. Well, tell me if you like it, and if you don't, give me advice on how to improve. :) It was a car accident, left me many moments too soon, the millions of stars in his eyes easily out shined the bright moon and the sun reflected the truth I saw when he smiled, just a little too wild or maybe the perfect amount of tame that I can handle (Chorus) You needed the summer time, you needed freedom and you needed a car, you needed a place to ride just like I needed you by my side and you needed a shooting star 'cause that's what you deserved yeah, that's what you deserved and you redefine true and if I could if you were still here I'd run to you run for you He never let words stand in his way and he put things off to the very last second, of the very last day and his birthday was in July and you could tell if he was lying 'cause the truth would come out in his eyes and everybody knew his name (Chorus) You needed the summer time, you needed freedom and you needed a car, you needed a place to ride just like I needed you by my side and you needed a shooting star 'cause that's what you deserved yeah, that's what you deserved and you redefine true and if I could if you were still here I'd run to you run for you And he still visits me in my dreams, and my Mama still keeps around his favorite blue jeans you know, the ripped up ones, the ones our Daddy hated and he made life just a little more fun and to him the hardest things weren't so complicated and he lived life to its fullest numbered the stars until there was no more, drove until he ran out of road and he slammed it so much that we had to get a new door and home's not so sweet without him around and all the music I loved it just doesn't feel like the same sound (Chorus) You needed the summer time, you needed freedom and you needed a car, you needed a place to ride just like I needed you by my side and you needed a shooting star 'cause that's what you deserved you needed the reason why, you needed clear blue skies yeah, that's what you deserved and you redefine true and if I could if you were still here I'd run to you run for you It was a car accident left me many moments, too soon copyright 2009How should I write a song?
okay. i just want to say, to begin with, i am not asking for basic information. i've been in a band for ten years. i have been obsessively listening to music since the age of 3. i am primarily a drummer. but even as a drummer, i've had great instincts as to the direction of songs. when my band has written a song, i've often contributed a musical part, or idea, that has substantially improved the song. just for an example, my ideas often come from playing with the musical themes already in the song. i generally like to drastically change the second verse. possibly a tempo or speed change. we had a song around for years that didnt go too far, until one day we just happened to be jamming, and i suggested what we were doing would make a great intro to said song, which subsequently gave the song the appropriate spice, and made it a bit heavier. aside from that, i've been a writer of prose for a very long time. i play a bit of guitar, but i dont use a pick, and my ability is limited. i have been playing piano self taught for a couple of years. and here's where my problem begins. i am very confident i have what it takes to be a song writer. but i just can't seem to complete anything. i have a total slew of incomplete musical pieces that range from just a riff, or a 30 second piece, in some cases even up to a 2 minute piece. but i kind of have a "the chicken or the egg?" complex, and it mostly has to do with writing melodies. i have experience with writing melodies, as i have contributed a strong one or two to our songs. this usually came as a result of hearing the musical idea on the guitar with no melody, but being handed someone else's rough lyrics. i have also managed to make a strong melody out of previously written lyrics of my own, with the song already written. i've often wondered which should come first: the melody or the song? or what about the partial song? should the melody guide the song changes or vice versa? i believe a song should necessarily be organic, and ought to include as many dazzling changes as possible, so long as they hold the listeners interest and keep the song going. i believe a band should take a song, jam, and see what kind of strange, musical rule breaking things come as a result, and then add them in a useful manner. its usually not until that has occured that a song sounds complete to me. so let me restate my problem. along with my slew of small musical pieces, i have a slew of incomplete prose, or potential lyrics. i just can't seem to complete anything. i've tried lots of things, sort of. i've hypothesized that maybe what i ought to do is wait until the day that i complete a set of prose (hasn't happened) and then simply choose one of my pieces, and start finding a melody. i have a very hard time finding a melody for my pieces, because i'm very picky. i believe a good melody should usually be very independent of the rest of whats behind it. my fellow band members are pretty good at spitting out rough lyrics with a melody on the spot, as they write, and i seem to lack the ability to do that. i seem to need lyrics already written before i can make a cool melody that flows. in literally only a couple of cases, i DO actually have a melody, but no real lyrics. i also think it can be helpful to pay attention to only the drums when writing a melody. but therein lies another problem. i cannot imagine drums that interest me, when it comes to my own material. only straight forward beats. so i'm kind of hoping that anyone who has bothered to read all of this might have a sort of out of the box approach to song writing that i haven't thought of already. or even that i have thought of, but should further try. frankly i'd just like to hear from someone else who shares this problem. thanks in advance.Help I dont know what path to take. Music or building stuff? Read more?
So I really love music. I listen to it all the time and day dream about me playing and know so much about music and music theory and have a lot of instruments but i dont think i was born with a natural tlent unlike building stuff. Like for science fairs and stuff or projects i build the wildest things and i am able to do it but my heart doesnt want to be like an engineer when i grow up even though im really good at it and was born with something for it. I enjoy working on music but sometimes when im trying to write a bong for our band it just sounds horrible and i cant to it. But i think of little tunes and dodole on the guitar and stuff. I started taking music seriously for about 1 1/2 years and i really wish i could be able to be like one of my idols like slash or ray charles but its really hard. i spend my entire day on music (theory, guitar, piano) and nothing on building now that it is the summer and im still better at building. What do I do? basically im good at and have patience for the thing i dont want to d.

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