waves crashing piano chords

Fall Out Boy u0026quot;Youu0026#39;re Crashing, But Youu0026#39;re No Waveu0026quot; Guitar Tab in D Minor - Download u0026 Print ...
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"The Piano" for your prudent critiques and comments?
The Piano She sits well past the water's edge, her red gown billowing as waves tease and kiss its dancing hem. Her concentration is fully focused as her fingertips fly up and down the piano's wet ivory keys. Her back is arched, her slender neck long, her dark amber hair swept up. Seagulls fly overhead, wind gusts anger the waves and they crash against mahogany legs. She's oblivious to it all. Somehow each note she hits is all that's real to her, all that she hears. I want to know how she finds herself there, what fuels her passion, defines her purpose. She does not hear my query, nor do her fingers slow their ardent pace. I awaken without answers. Yet her image haunts my fragmented day. I see that you are pleased with its imagery, thank you so much for that, I really do appreciate it. But would someone take a crack at its meaning? oops, I missed your edit, Lapiz! Yes, you are close to its meaning, thank you for venturing into its content.Are there any sites that i can go to that teaches me how to play the paino better.?
I need to know about cords or however you spell it. # and sharps. i need to learn new songs ..Could there be a mathematical formula to determine the quality of a song - or of a symphony?
Could there be some sort of mathematical formula to judge the quality of a song? How might we construct such a formula? How might we go about it? Ben, I humbly offer up a dissent in regards to "Any way you want it" in that its tempo is an alarming 132 beats per minute, enough to raise blood pressure and create anxiety and what is called "distress", which in medical or psychological terms is a different kind of stress than the more positive "eustress". And, in "Any way you want it", we don't really have a resolving of chords (whether they be minor or major). I think the lack of chords resolving would indicate an additional source of adverse tension in the listener.What do you think of my piano playing?(pianists/musicians answer)?
Hi. I've been playing piano since age 6. i'm 14 now. If you can just give me a list of pros and cons of this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQKMpg_GlX8 Thank.

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