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Violin u00bb Violin Tabs Zelda - Music Sheets, Tablature, Chords and Lyrics
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Where can i find the tabs NOT the Music sheet for "Lost woods" from legend of zelda ocarina of time?
i cant seem to find the Tabs for violin for 'Lost woods" from legend of zelda ocarian of time i can easily find the music sheets for the violin but im not good at reading music i would prefer the tabs, i can find the tabs for guitar, bass, flute, and many others but not violin.. anyone please help!! and if it can be free of course ha thanks!Where can i get Zelda sheet music?
I really want to learn songs on Zelda for VIOLIN plz. Does anyone know where i can get it or if they have it? I am especially looking for Gurdo Valley and the Trailer of Twilight Princess. Thank You SO much and don't forget VIOLIN. Does any one know a place where i can print "Ballad of the goddess"from legend of zelda on violin??
i been looking for two days so i decided to ask. i been looking for 2 days. Please tell me where i can find the music sheet on VIOLIN!!!!! pleaseCan anyone give me the notes for zelda theme song and halo for flute and guitar or mostly flute?
Would this be considered a musical prodigy?
My friend is a self taught musician who can play all string instruments but only taken lessons for viola. I asked her last night to tell me her secret and she she told me everything. At age 6 her mom bought an electric piano, the one that taught you how to play songs using light up keys so you didn't have to read music. She taught herself songs using the light up keys. First 1 she learned was Turkish March, then Fur Elise, Let It Be, and ____ Joy of Man's Desiring (The 1st word sounded like eh-zoo). She was able to play them both hands in perfect rhythm with the right fingers. When she got older (5th grade) she used the piano to learn Hungarian Dance No. 5. Now at 18, she plays by ear and can't read music. The songs aren't very complex, mostly from games like Midna's Lament & ocarina stuff (Zelda). Makes up left hand parts for the ocarina songs In 4th grade she joined the school orchestra, picked cello, played it for a week, then the teacher had her switch to viola (cello was bigger than her). Played viola until 8th grade. In 7th grade she was put in the advanced orchestra as 1st violist. (I was in the same class). She helped our teacher tune instruments because she could by ear (the teacher used a tuner). Sometimes she played our friend's cello at break. On the last day, the teacher put a pile of sheet music from previous years that he wasn't using. While looking through the pile, she found a few pieces she wanted, but said viola parts always suck, so she picked up some violin parts. She didn't know much about clefs, me to show her where A was. I did. That summer she went to an auction, bought a violin, and played violin from then on. Also a self-taught guitarist. Never took lessons, and says she sucks because she can't read music, and didnt like tabs. When we chill, I sometimes listen to her play random songs that sound great. I ask her what song she's playing, mostly its something she made up out of the blue. Our senior class took a multiple intelligence test, I got mostly linguistic. She scored 100% for musical intelligence and low on the others. I tell her all the time she's a prodigy which she always denies, saying prodigies start when they're toddlers and are far better than she is, then compares herself to her cousin who is a literal genius at piano & got a full scholarship to NYU for it. But he took lessons since age 5. Would she be considered a prodigy? Or is she right? Sorry this is so long. D: Forgive any typos, I haven't slept in 48 hours. This is Midna's lament: OH. I forgot, we were looking up piano covers for video game songs, and we found one that she picked up the whole thing after just watching the video several times, which literally amazed me:

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