violin tabs amazing grace

Amazing Grace Sheet Music and Tablature : The String Club
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Do yuo think it will be hard for me to learn how to play the acoustic guitar..?
..Well i want to learn how to play the acoustic guitar..but idk if its going to be hard for me..Ive played the Violin but that was in 5th grade and i got bored of it..Not really my type of music..But Ive tried to play the piano..and i liked it and it was pretty easy to remember the keys and everything and ive also have played the zither.. pic of zither (the one on the left) but..none of these were really my type of music..cause piano and violin are kind of not my type..but the zither..not my type either..but it was easy.. But will it be hard for me then.?.I don't want to quiet like i have for the violin piano and zither .I really want to learn how to play an instrument But don't know if the acoustic guitar is right for me And IDK if i can at least play a song..Cause im pretty sure im not taking lessons .so just listening to music..and learning And well i personally think i sucked at the violin and the violin is pretty similar to the Guitar..I didn't know the strings And If You play the acoustic guitar or a guitar do You think it was hard to learn to play..? thanks..=.

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