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Thinking Out Loud sheet music by Ed Sheeran (Keyboard u2013 121595)
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How to accompany a praise band at church with violin??
I started with singing, but I was too shy. Then I tried my violin and it came out good, but following the singing melody I got drowned out by the electric instruments and freaking loud drums, lol. Now I'm singing again, but I still wanna play violin in it. I had a mike aimed at my instrument (its acoustic), I can't afford an electric one right now. I wanna play like the song "Believe" by yellowcard, but I don't know how it all just flow together when it sounds so different X_X Too bad I'm not a musical genius, but maybe some of you out there are??I am going to perform solo violin(he's a pirate from POC) in a comptt. in my collg .?
please tell me how was the tune and did u like it as audience?? i hav uploaded it on youtube below is d link to it plz tell me how was it??? i'll improve a li'l mixing of chords with practice. it worth it to buy a ukulele and start learning it myself?
i've been learning to play the violin for quite sometime and i'm still loving it.however, it may be difficult for me to continue practicing in the future since i'll be moving to college,staying with other people and all where my practice may end up being a noise pollution since i am no vanessa mae, but i still want to play some, any musical instrument.Then i was thinking, ukulele might be good as it doesn't produce that loud of a sound (oh,i'll be staying in a single room), thus no sound pullution, but, i will be learning it myself, you know..through youtube videos and ukulele related websites (oh yes, i am so ready to work hard), is it worth it for me to buy a new ukulele??? or, is it an impossible intrument to be learnt on my own??ooo,btw i do have enough budget to buy oneAm I too old to learn the Violin?
Just joking just joking. Is somewhat related though. I'm 24. 0 proficiency. I can't even read notes. 97% of the sites and schools I've looked up, they rave about how their system or school works wonderfully on children, and they have exponential growth potential by signing up with them, and they've continually pumped out great children that become great artists, oh and we help adults too. That has given me a sorta 'meh' attitude about starting now. I mean, I've played the flute before.. when I was 8 for a couple of months. Though my searches and looking through QUICK FAQ has lead me to a few adult beginners sites. I'm planning on renting a violin, I think I'm ready for the plunge. It's only $20/month at a local store. I want to see if my love for this instrument only extends as far as just listening to it. I also want to see if I change my mind once I physically hold it. If I like it, I plan on taking lessons, though my choices are extremely limited in Hawaii. My questions are. What do I do once I bring it back home? Stick it under my chin and stroke it a few times? Maybe I'll buy a book and sample what it says in it? I can't read notes. It looks like a petroglyph with confused tadpoles that don't know if they want their tail sticking up or dropping down. Should I learn notes before even considering taking lessons? On that note, is it rude/costly to go to a violin instructor and attempt to learn the violin without knowing notes? Or is that that the most effective way to learn notes? Is there such thing as a music note reading instructor? I don't go to college or go to libraries. Though I could go to Borders and buy some reading materials. Oh, and also, I live in a duplex, with neighbors pretty close around me. What is this 'mute' thing I read about every once in a while? Is it limited to electronic ones only? Alot of my questions have been answered by scouring the internet for the past week, so I ask these questions because I either need clarification or didn't find the answers. Please help me plan to make plans before beginning. Just some thoughts: I also read alot of these instructor's portfolios, just to get to know them a little more than not at all. Most of them are all, yeah I've taught music for 40 years. 26 of those years in a dungeon somewhere in England, teaching only gifted children. I started playing before I could walk or speak. I was actually born with a violin and bow attached to my umbilical cord. I've studied with grandmaster Heimlich Maneuver and he asked me to teach his children. At the time I refused because I was healing the earth's soul with the awesome that comes from my music. And here's little ol absolutely inexperienced me. It's kinda intimidating at times.Help with an audition!?
Tomorrow i am auditioning for my high school orchestra and I'm trying to get into the best one. I play violin. Can anyone give me some tips to make sure i do a great job.

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