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HELP: Violin Sheet Music to Chords?
Hello. Can someone help me to translate a violin sheet music to chords (like: Em G A Bb). Any of this songs will do.I also have provided the link for the sheet music to be converted. Tattooed on my Mind - d'sound Runaway - The Corrs Tuyo Nang Damdamin - Silent Sanctuary First Love - Utada Hikaru or any popular songs. I hope someone can help me with thisA Poem inspired by the movie The Red Violin.. Any thoughts on it?
So I just finished watching The Red Violin on Netflix. I recommend it, especially if you enjoy music and instruments. The mystery of what an instrument's "life" was like I guess :). I enjoyed it. Anyways, I wrote a little poem that was kind of based on it. What are your thoughts, critique, does it make sense, flow well? Anything you got, I'd appreciate hearing it. Thanks! Here it is.. What you've created so perfectly Is now being recycled. Washed up versions, Replication of perfection never looked so wretched. What you've begun is now ending in disaster. Nothing can compare to the start Nothing can express your art The search for another flawless masterpiece.  We'll spend our lives creating and destroying But what happens when we get it right Who will struggle and fight To get what was never intended to be given You did it right the first time Knew what was possible and used what you had But now we try to reuse and add Back to the drawing board.. All we want is a perfect sounding chordSo, firstly, is it normal not to play an instrument? Eg, piano, violin, guitar, etc? I would love to play a?
So, firstly, is it normal not to play an instrument? Eg, piano, violin, guitar, etc? I would love to play an instrument, properly, but since I've not exactly been playing since an early age (in fact, I haven't got a clue about anything to do with music!) I think that's unlikley. Is it? I can sing, or, at least, I think I can, I'm taking singing lessons soon, hopefully, and would possibly like a career in music. but since I don't even know what notes are, I think I'll find it kinda hard, lol. And so, it this normal, and can I still make a start, and where/how can I begin? Many thanks! xxxx Thanks very much. Also, I'm not sure if it would be possible to have any instrument lessons at the moment, so could you also recommend some online lessons for guitars? Lol, how many questions have I just asked? Wow, thank you all so much. I think it's near impossible for me to choose a best answer in this case, they're all so brilliant! (Though I had a bit of trouble understanding yours, "am here jus to help you.", just because of the lack of punctation, etc, but I understood most, and thanks!) So thanks again!Violin or Cello?
i have been playing the flute since i was 7 years old. I am now 13 and i stopped playeing for a few months. I picked it back up and its still a great instrument and all but i want to take up a second instument. I really really like stringed instuments and i love the sound of the violin. It has a beautiful sound. But the Cello has this deep mysterious sound. i love the way it sounds. So which one should i learn??Anyone else love it when orchestras end pieces like this?
Hi everyone, Often the end of the last movement of an orchestral piece will have an ending with two or more "stingers,"(short tonic chords) followed by a long, sustained tonic chord. Example: Brahms 2nd Symphony, Brahms Violin Concerto. Most of the time the orchestra will slam the last chord, which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, I think one of the most beautiful things that great orchestras do sometimes is NOT slam the last note. For example, slam the two short stinger notes before the last chord, leading the audience into thinking the last chord will be slammed, but then, surprise! A beautiful, tasteful taper into the beginning of the note from silence. Anyone else agree with me that this sounds great? I rarely ever hear this, though; can anyone cite an example of a recording in which the orchestra does this.

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