violin chords my heart will go on

Violin - MY HEART WILL GO ON - TITANIC (Sheet music - Guitar chords) : Easy Music
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Cant find a free music sheet for my heart will go on for flute, can anyone help?
all i want is a free music sheet for flute of my heart will go on, i've looked everywere but cant find it please help! thx!!! :)Chords to go with this song?
I wrote a song but I can't find any chords to go with the lyrics. Help? The song is sad so I need chords that sound sad. There's what I wrote: I could walk a hundred miles , I could tell a hundred lies But the one thing that is true I could never find someone like you How can everything change so fast, our first hug became the last. I’d give anything to be with you By your side like we used to All I ever wanted was to be the only one for you But I’ll never forget you no matter what you do I miss you darling because of you I’ve stopped smiling You will stay in my heart even a thousand miles apart Thank you!!!! Its really good, do you have any guitar chords that would be good with that ?Is piano easier than violin?
i play both and my friend says she wants to learn the easier instrument. i don't know what to tell her. i told her she should play the kuzoo but she refused.How hard is it to learn to play the guitar?
i have no string instrument skills whatsoever. i'm more of a keyboard person but i want to have more knowledge of other instruments and i wanted to start with acoustic guitar. how hard is it to learn to play it and how long does it generally take to get the hang of it?Can you help me with my piano playing?
I started studying how to play the piano when I was 7 years old but I stopped a year after because I lost interest back then. I actually didn't learn how to read notes properly 'cause I stopped. (I'm 14 years old now) Last year, I regained interest for some reason (I was 13) and I started playing the piano again. I don't know how to read notes so I just watched piano tutorials on YouTube. My mom suggested that it would be better if I learn how to read sheet music than just watching someone else tell you what notes you need to play so I took piano lessons again last summer vacation with the same teacher I had when I was 7. I've been taking piano lessons for a year now but I'm still REALLY slow at reading notes. I barely had an improvement. -_- I have my piano lessons every Sunday. I admit I don't have time to practice playing everyday but if I do have time, I at least practice for 1-2 hours. I can read notes now but still very slow and I'm still having confusion. I had my piano recital last summer and I played Starlight Waltz and Fur Elise. So far, these are the songs/pieces that I could play on piano: -Fur Elise (Piano Sheets) -Canon (Piano Sheets) -River Flows In You (Piano Tutorial) -My Immortal (Piano Tutorial) -Born This Way (Piano Tutorial) -My Heart Will Go On (Piano Sheets) -A Thousand Miles (Piano Tutorial) -Apologize (Piano Tutorial) -Tik Tok (Piano Tutorial) -Fireflies (Piano Tutorial) -Out of My League (Piano Tutorial) -Closer [Naruto Shippuuden] (Piano Tutorial) -The Show (Piano Tutorial) -Past Story [Fairy Tail] (Piano Sheets) -I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing (By Ear I tried but it's kinda hard) -Love Story (Piano Sheets) -Vanilla Twilight (By Ear, just the chords) -Sadness and Sorrow [Naruto] (Piano Tutorial) That's all I can remember right now. I find it easier to learn a song/piece through watching piano tutorials than reading sheet music. But I really need to learn how to read sheet music. I met this guy and he can play the piano, violin and guitar and he can play songs by ear. I'm so amazed! He's also poor at reading notes. Is it advisable to play by ear instead? I'm currently on Grade 2 Piano according to my teacher. XD 1.) Do you have any advice on how to read notes faster? 2.) Do you have any tips on how to play songs by ear? 3.) Do you have any tips on how I can improve? 4.) Do I need to change my teacher? 5.) Is there a possibility that I'll improve despite my age? (14) 6.) Am I doing something wrong? I just need some tips on my piano playing. Please! :.

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