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Violin u00bb Violin Chords Guide - Music Sheets, Tablature, Chords and Lyrics
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Playing the violin or banjo..?!?
Hi! I am 19 years old and play a bit of piano (i'm definitely not amazing, i learnt it a few years ago but can play intermediate pieces and read music slowly) and i can also play guitar. I want to start learning the violin and was wondering if you think i could teach myself by using books, videos and the internet like i did for guitar and piano. I have a fairly good ear but i really know nothing about the violin. Is the music hard to read?? Is it anything like guitar in relation to chords? Is there a certain place that you have to place your fingers when playing a note ie. 3rd string second fret? Or do you have to go by ear to decide where to place your fingers?? Do you think i have a hope in teaching myself?! Also, how much would an average violin for a beginner cost?? What brands are good?? I'd also like to learn the banjo, if you can tell me anything about that too, that would be awesome! I think i would be able to teach myself that as i already know how to play guitar. Do you think i could teach myself violin?!Writing violin parts to songs?
I'd like to write violin parts to songs my brother plays on guitar. What is a good place to start? Are their any useful tips you can give me for doing this?Confused!! Need help with scales for violin!?
Ok so my music teacher was talking about like if you raise the D# by a half step or something you get the E scale or an E or something and like raising B you get C or something like that? Anyone know what she was talking about? I have a quiz on this coming up and i need to know all i can about scales more focused on the sharps i think she said but what does that mean? Are there like sharp scales? I've been playing the violin for almost 7 years now and i still have no idea what my music teacher is talking about. Sad i know. But thanks for any help. Even just leaving me some helpful sites would be nice and greatly appreciated!! thank you =]Can anyone provide me the Violin Notes of "Sayuri's theme" from the movie "Memoirs of a Geisha"?
I don't understand the sheet music, not yet. It would be really helpful if the notes are provided In Young Frankenstein. What was the name of the violin piece played by Chloris Leachman and Gene Wilder?
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