violin chords for twinkle twinkle little star

Xylophone : xylophone chords twinkle twinkle little star Xylophone Chords Twinkle Twinkle or ...
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How do you play violin chords?
i am learning twinkle twinkle little star. came acroos my first chord= adf. how do you play this chord on a violin. could some one tell me the fingering and bow technique for this chord. thank you all for your timeViolin Help - I'm a beginner?
I bought a violin last week, 1. can anyone give me any first help such as site for chords, and how do i know where to exactly place my fingers when i choose a chord to play? 2. can u suggest me a few songs that being played also by violin so i can practice? Thanks alot ;)Graduation Song Ideas?
Im looking for a rather easy song to play on the piano and that someone could sing to for my graduation day. Id like it to have some meaning in the lyrics, so something a little more serious, it can be new or old, but the main thing is its easy to play on piano .any ideas? thanks!What do you want from Music?
What do people listen for in music Is it the Melody .the story in rap is it the lyricism and wordplay or is it the beat. I've been curious about this. I listen to all genres of music and i must say the most dissappointing has to be hip-pop. Thats right hip-pop! The rap game is about recycled beats with no real melody and a bunch of people chanting on a track. Maybe it's just me but Rap has definitely strayed in a completely different direction. What gets me though is so many artist who put no effort into their work are easily going platinum. What does everyone find so interesting about some of these groups and artist????Is classical music good for you?
i heard it was good for your brain or made you smarter or something??? is that even possible?..

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