violin chords for all of me

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Can a Violin play Chords?
I could have sworn that a Violin could play chords.. but I was on a website that claimed they cannot play chords! so now I'm totally lost.. I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me which instruments found in an Orchestra can play chords (by them selfs, not trumpet plays C and another plays E.. I know that) THANK YOU! by the way the website I'm talking about is this one . Help - chords question?
i'm a beginner at this, When playing chords should i play the whole chord strings all together (like in a guitar) or play the strings one by one? thanks alotWhat are some violin chords?
You know how if you place your first finger on the A string (note B) and your second finger on the E string (note G) and you play all the strings (GDBE) you have a G major chord? The same if you place your first finger on the E string (F#) and play three of the notes (DAF#) you have a D major chord? What are some other violin chords? I need to know this in order to arrange one of the songs for the violin, thanks.What is that scary violin chord?
Ok, you know in a movie or show, sometimes in times of horror but usually when you see something disgusting, there is a repeated high dissonant violin chord. Surely someone must know what I mean What kind of chord is that? well, I'm not thinking of a dim7 chord- think horror movie, not classical music maybe it has tritones maybe like a really high b f a# it's really dissonant Playing the violin by chords?
I've been playing the violin for about 11 years now, and recently I've joined my church's praise team. There's one problem though - they've got me playing by chords. Up untill now I've always played by notes. I know what notes are in a chord and what scale corresponds with them. So far I've only been playing one note per chord - whatever sounded right. However, I don't think I'm reaching my full potential. What is the best way to play the violin when all you have to go by are chords.

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