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Open Question: Counting Stars Chords For Violin?
I am not very good at reading sheet music, i am still learning. But for now i would be very greatful if someone had written down the chords or did a tutorial for Counting Stars by One Republic. I love this song and it sounds great on the violin and i would love to learn this and Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas.Following a Gm chord by an Am chord in my music AS composition, but I need to reference it?
We have to reference everything in our pieces to another piece, or a part that inspired the idea - I'm doing a spanish-y tango type thing for guitars, a cello and a violin, and at one point the first guitar plays a Gm chord (which is the key of the piece) and then an Am, and my music teacher said to reference it as it is an unusual progression. Are there any pieces I could reference which a tonic - supertonic modulation or ways in which I could modulate it which would make it more normal? Thank youViolin: Is it normal to say notes in my head while I play?
Ok, weird question, I know, but it's gotten to a point that this is really frustrating. So, when I'm playing my violin, I sing the fingering of notes (like "one" "two" "three") in my head. It really gets in the way of counting rhythm and also throws of my shifting. I'm 15 and I've played for ten years so I'm not knew to playing but just recently this has become a big issue since I am moving into more difficult pieces. That's about it I think so just respond if this happens to you too. Thanks a bunch!How do Major & Minor Chords work on a Piano?
My good old friend was about to sell his unused Yamaha PSR-410 MIDI Keyboard and I am very enthusiastic about learning new things so I bought it from him and connected it to my Computer with FL Studio and ASIO4ALLv2 etc That's all besides the point. I am trying to make some basic tunes here and I know there are these "Chords" and stuff I have NO Music Instrument experience and was a little confused. I know that you play the "main tones" with your right hand and the "background tones" with your left. Q1 > The "main tones" are called Melody made out of chords? [played by right hand only?] Q2 > The "background tones" is called the Harmony made out of chords? [played by the left hand only?] Q3 > Are Major and Minor Chords meant for Right and Left hands respectively? Or are they just Major and Minor because of some tone change in the chord? Please try to explain a little bit.. Q4 > Is there a specific number of total chords possible on the Piano? If so, where can I find a list of them all with detail on which keys are for which chord? Q5 > If there are infinite chords or if anyone can make their own, what are some Basic Chords for the left and right hands that go together? Where can I find those in a very understandable manner? Thanks a lot for reading ! @Gabriella Thanks a lot for your explanation ! If I ever take a musical instrument lesson, it will be for the Violin ! The piano, I am just trying to take a break from programming (My job and education involves it) as a hobby to make music for the movies that I make with my friends. The 1-5-8 and 1-4-8 really explained a lot about the Major Minor thing to me ! Thanks, I understood that they are not just random combinations that work, they have a pattern which i won't forget now :D With some things, I just like to run before I can walk :) I am trying to find out which chords go together in terms of the left-right hand and right hand playing together. Thanks !!What are some other chording instruments apart from guitars and pianos?
All i can think of is guitar types like lutes etc and pianos etc, but there must be other chording instruments.

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