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What are the piano chords to "Tonight I Wanna Cry" by Keith Urban?
I've learned the beginning of the song on piano, I just need to know the actual chords to the rest of the song. Any help is great :)What Urban, Techo,type song is this?
I couldn't make out very much of the lyrics. The beat is very simple, claps on the ands, with a piano chord that remains the same. some of the words i could kinda make out are something like, and i know it'll be alright or something like that. The voice is pretty deep and probably black. for the rhythm of his lines, it goes, and-a-four, and-a-one-e-and-twooooooo like that each time. PLEASE HELP ME. its pretty new i suppose two.What is it that i need to know to become a music producer?
Im taking piano classes because i want to become an urban music producer but im learning a bunch of different stuff that i don't think i need. I mean i've seen a music producer playing the piano but i've never seen one reading a music sheet.. What is it that i to know to become a music producer?Jazz help and thank you for this long list of problems?
stride piano originated where? father of stride? father of ragtime? empress of blues? rural blues? Urban blues? who invented scat? queen of scat? fats waller is good at 3 things? father of tenor sax? syncopation stresses? comping is achieved by what instruments? walking bass is one blank blank note per beat? a chord is? count baise played what instrument? star tenor soloist? Billie holiday is known for her intimate voice and? another name for swing era? for dixieland? dancers implored musicians to play their favorite songs this facilitated?Where to start on singing?
ok so I play instruments (guitar, bass and piano) and I write my own music and I know quite a bit of music theory (scales, chords, notes ect) I write my own music and it has everything apart from vocals it even has the lyrics so I really want to get in the final piece and I can't find a singer. So I Thought I will have a go . I have a keyboard at home So shall i just try and hum the notes??? I don't even know where to begin P.S I can't get a teache.

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