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Unravel-Tokyo Ghoul Theme Stave Preview 9-Free Piano Sheet Music u0026 Piano Chords
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Piano chords for northern downpour?
Does anyone have a guitar tab for the Something Corporate cover of Unravel originally by Bjork?
Please don't just point me to a tabs site. I've checked most of them. I was just hoping maybe someone has it. ThanksPlaying piano by EAR? How?
I'm curious if this is something I can learn. I played piano for like 3-4 years, when I was 8, but I couldn't keep taking lessons after I was like 12 or something. But when I turned 15, I took piano up again, after only a few days, I was just at the skill level where I left off. Only a year has passed and I'm 16 now. My playing level is a little above Fur Elise, not sure how else to measure, but I have "forced in" much much harder songs after practicing for a long time, maybe a month. Anyways, I can identify some notes some times, and I can even identify some chords and groups of notes and play them, but that's only when I hear them played on piano. Am I able to learn to play piano by ear? With enough practice? Is there something I can work alot in and practice alot. This is something I really want to learn because I love playing new songs on piano, and I want to be able to play some by ear. I might try writing a song later if I feel like I'm that good. Is learning by ear something where you have to learn a lot of music theory. I know some people can naturally play piano by ear, but is it a skill I can develop with enough practice?What song should my band play?
So in Music we have to do a musical futures piece we have to perform a popular piece from today's music scene for example lady gaga, beyonce and katie perry. But we have no idea what to do. You have to perform the music with everyone playing an instrument whilst others singing. The instruments that can be used are piano, drum, bass guitar, electric guitar, xylophone, glockenspiel, vocal and tambourine. What song is good to do that is easy, avaliable sheet music and the ability to get us a great grade??? with your answer can you give: title, artist, link on youtbe, sheet music and instruments neeeded. Thank You xxHow does playing triads over bass notes best function for the modern jazz artist out there?
When playing my lounge-jazz shows solo acoustic style, I love to find better ways to fill up the open space in the room. It is the greatest challenge to me when I play solo. Playing triads over bass notes help me with creating harmony over pedal tones, which basically allows me to play bass and guitar with the sustained pitch that is usually the lowest pitch, at the same time or close together, so that it sounds like two people playing. So any suggestions or comments regarding how jazz artists like you or those you know of use triads over bass tones? j:) Great answers! I am a lover and student/tutor for jazz-chord theory and I can always expand upon that world. I also absolutely agree with using more complex ideas outside of the triads. It actually seems easier to approach it that way instead. There is more freedom, and as musicians we really appreciate having less restrictions when getting out our ideas. It is also very true that watching someone play solo jazz is worth a million paper lessons. I learned more from a youtube video of Ray Parker Jr than I ever could have reading stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isGRMPvcuFk Also I appreciated the link by the other answer, that is some nice jamming piano.

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