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Can you help me understand Guitar chords?
I dont unnderstand why they are named the way they are? why is a g chrod named a g chord and a Bb9 chord named that? AND! http://www.chordie.com/chords.php how would anyone play the Bb9 chord the black dots represent fingers? and the circles at the top open but how would you play that we dont have that many fingers? how are any of these possable to play, you dont have tha tmany fingers? http://www.chordie.com/voicings.php?tuning=EADGBE&chord=Bb9I don't understand guitar chords?
First off, let me tell you, I've never played a guitar in my life. But I decided to go and get one. I looked up the whole EBGDAE thing and I thought I understood it, but when I looked up some chords, the website listed the lyrics to the song and letters like "C or Am" above some of the words at random. Theres no C or Am in EBGDAE, though.. and it never listed what frets I'm supposed to use either. Can someone please explain this to me?Understanding Guitar chords?
Hey Everyone, I need a little help in understanding the family of chords well. Im up for new challenges cause ive grown tired of just using Major chordings and want to try somthing other chords the problem is ive tried playing them but it gives out a different tune and im not sure how to put them to mix well with other chordings like example i played Ab 7 how do i mix it in with another chord? Im sure theres some way it belongs to a family tree which mixes well together just like the major chordings would you help share thine knowledge with me? Or any good web sites that share this without charging i would really love to learn it by myself cause ive been going to lessons and all those teachers never brush upon this and i just dont want to go thru the hassle of finding another tutor i prefer learning it on my own. Your help will be greatly appreciated.Little Sister can't understand Guitar Chords?
My lil sis wants to play Jingle Bells but she is having trouble understanding this: C F Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh, G7 C O'er the fields we go, laughing all the way, She doesn't know how to tell the speed and how many times she needs to strum.She knows how to play the chords(also i think Yahoo answers is going to put the capital Letters together but they are not supposed to be) She prefers the guitar tab, but wants add some meat to the melody. If anyone can help explain what i've put there i'll be very grateful thanks.I dont understand guitar chords. please help?
I don't understand what makes a chord a B chord or an F#m. I just don't get or is it just something I have to memorize? I understand how it works on the piano, is it similar? thank you :) i know what a chord is I just dont understand it when im told to play an A7-.

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