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Song Roll Me Over In The Clover by Traditional, song lyric for vocal performance plus ...
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Does anyone know the ukulele chords for Pray?
I am looking for the ukulele chords to Justin Bieber's song Pray. I would like to play it for a friend who is going through a hard time in life, but through it all she still seems to find some joy. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the help! Hey Kelso, I am going to ignore the tone of your answer, as it was scathing and rude. I feel as though I must point out that although you may feel superior for googling something you felt as though I could not, you made a mistake. I am looking for the ukulele chords, not the guitar chords. If this is too difficult, let me put this in a way that may make it wasier for you to understand. Hey dumb A**, I want the f**king ukulele chords, not the guitar chords. Were you bred to be stupid, or was your mom just dumb as a wall?.

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