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Fireflies sheet music by Owl City (Flute u2013 102477)
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Ukulele chords for owl city, help?!?
As soon as I heard Owl City's Alligator Sky I fell in love with it and I want to play it on the ukulele, I have looked for the chords on google but surprisingly google has failed me :( I was hoping somebody on yahoo would have more knowledge than google, thanks! :):) xWhat are the notes to "Fireflies" by Owl city on Ukulele?
ii neeeed to know so plz and thank you :D xAMERICAN PEOPLE: Please help!?
Could you copy paste the text from here please? It's region locked! :/ Thanks :)How can I figure out this ukulele strum pattern?
Heres the song I want to learn This is the website I have with the chords Whats the strum pattern I am lost with the X thing, most of the other songs I learned were in this book and / was up and \ was down or someone on youtube told me. can someone explain it or translate it for me? and thanks soooo much!AMERICAN PEOPLE: Please help!?
This website is region-locked, so please could you copy paste the text! Thank-you! :) xx.

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