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Good website for ukulele chords and songs?
i recently got a ukulele and i want to be able to play songs by popular artists like white stripes, avril lavigne etc. So if anybody knows so good songs or websites please tell me. Thanks :)What is a good oldies song to learn on ukulele?
I want to learn a nice, old (30s/40s), love song to play my girlfriend, but I can't find one.What are some songs I can learn for my ukulele?
I have a gig this Friday, I know short notice but I learn fast, but what songs should I learn for it. I know for a fact that I'm playing Happy by Never Shout Never, You and I by Ingrid Michaelson, Island in the Sun by Weezer, and maybe Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, but what other songs should I learn? Please don't tel me Hey Soul Sister, or I'm Yours. Those are so over used by ukes now. I need something a little more original and the difficulty doesn't matter. As long as it's not plucking the whole time. I need chords or tabs. Thanks =]Okay ive been playing the ukulele for a year and six months and i wanna learn a bunch of good challenging song?
i wanna learn songs from this year or from the oldies any songs. even rap songs since i rap as well please help me out and thank you. underground songs count aswell.

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