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Help with ukulele music/tabs?
I'm trying to find tabs or sheet music (or anything really) for one of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain's pieces. It's the one where it's introduced as a piece by George Frederick Handel, but the members sing different tunes to the same music, presumably by Handel. I own a ukulele, and would like to try and play it. Does anybody know where I could possibly find some music for it? Thank you in advance for the answers. Also, here's a link to a video of the piece, in case you were wondering what I was talking about: I was able to find out that the song they did is called "Fly Me Off the Handel", if that helps at all.Free Ukulele tabs or music for beginners?
I don't know where to find any, please help :)Ukulele music?
i really want the music for Flame trees by cold chissel for the ukulele. do u know where i can find the tabs/chords or something? thanx for your helpWhere can I get ukulele tabs or sheet music to play Did It Hurt? by Nevershoutnever! ?
Ukulele tablatutres / music??????
I would love it if some one could give me some ukulele tablstures (sp?) like --7-7-7---7--10-- ----------8-------- -------------------- -------------------0 thst is the start of the start of the mario theme song. so if anyone could give me some (with their titles obviously) that would be great! ummmm and I already know about and alot of other sites like it so if possible, try to post some music, not links. although if the site is pretty sweet then feel free. thank.

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