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Let It Go (FROZEN) Baritone Ukulele Cover Lesson with Chords and Lyrics - YouTube
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Waht website should i go to for ukulele songs?
my sister just got a ukulele and she lets me play it, but i don't know any songs. Do you know a website that i can go to, to find songs and chords for the uke?? please help):Tenor and concert ukulele tabs the same?
I haven't really looked into it that much but I'm lazy so I'll ask here and have the answer come to me. I'm getting a tenor ukulele and I'm also curious to know if there are a certain set of chords out there I should find for songs or if the ones for concert uku will work. Also, when I go to sites and find "ukulele tabs" for download, are they for concert uku (given that concert and tenor are different)?Easy ukulele tabs to play?
I can play let her go and i was wanting a few more like that no links please just the frets and things pleaseCan someone find me the tabs for 'Like A Star' on a ukulele?
It's a pretty song by Corinne Bailey Rae. I have a uke & I'd like to learn how to play that song. It's a simple song and if anyone can let me know the chords that'd be great :)Does anyone know where I can find Lano and Woodley's "The Island" theme song ukulele tabs/chords?
If you can play it, what is the first chord (or the whole thing, but I'm pretty sure I can work it out from the first chord). Or do you know where I can find it? Been looking for it ever since I got my ukulel.

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