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Hotel California by The Eagles - Solo Ukulele Guitar Pro Tab :
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How to start playing the ukulele?
I was looking into trying to play the ukulele I have started playing the trumpet for a year now and I know all the fingerings because they sort of repeat. Playing the ukulele seemed easy enough but then I looked at all the charts for all the different chords and it seems really hard. Would an average joe intermediate player really need to know all the chords I'm seeing and how hard is it to learn all of em.What's a good website for learning the ukulele?
I'm looking for a website geared to absolute beginners who are new to music as well - that explains everything, how to hold the uke, where to put your fingers, explaining the music terminology etc. Can you be more specific than Youtube? The Youtube videos I've found weren't really all that easy, or for people who know nothing about musicWhat are some intermediate level songs to learn on ukulele? Maybe some fun ones?
I've played ukulele for about 3 months, and I've learned all of the basic chords and a few higher chords (like some up to the 5th or 7th frets) but I'm able to learn and remeber new chords and songs quickly and I want some new stuff to learn.What type of ukulele should i buy?
Ok Well i want to start learning to play the ukulele because it seems like a fun intresting instrument. Well im not sure what type to buy i want a nice ukulele thatworks well but thats not too expensive also if you could link me to videos or a site that would help me learn i would appriciate it much thank you so much!Wonderful music sheets/pieces for solo violin (intermediate level).?

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