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Imagine sheet music by John Lennon (Ukulele with strumming patterns u2013 112752)
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How to read ukulele tabs?
I've learned a bunch of songs over youtube but i never understood the tabs liek here- can someone please try and explain how to read it to me pleaseCan sheet music for one instrument be used for another?
I'm not very musically informed. I just started playing the ukulele, and as you can imagine there aren't as many ukulele tabs as there are for say, guitar. I was just wondering if i find sheet music that is simple enough, for an instrument other than the ukulele, if it would still work. I obviously assume some complicated piano concerto pieces can't be converted to uke, but i'm just talking about simple notes here haha.Is this a good beginners guitar? I was just wondering, because I was going to get it for easter and I was wondering if it was worth it.

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