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Probably a dumb question but help with ukulele?
I'm just beginning so I've just been playing through songs I like on Ukulele Tabs to get a feel of the notes some words have no note over them, does that me I strum without holding any strings? [probably worded that wrong, sorry] Also, how do I know the count? There are some songs that just don't sound right to me so I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing incorrectly. Thanks so much! xNeverShoutNever songs on the ukulele?
Can anyone give me the tabs to any of his songs? Specifically for the ukulele, thank you (: peace&loveOkay ive been playing the ukulele for a year and six months and i wanna learn a bunch of good challenging song?
i wanna learn songs from this year or from the oldies any songs. even rap songs since i rap as well please help me out and thank you. underground songs count aswell.Experienced Flamenco players, what's the best way for complete noob to learn Flamenco Guitar?
I have very little (almost a complete noob) experience on a ukulele (only learned a few notes to strum), but I have little interest in the uke. I want to learn guitar, and more specifically flamenco guitar (though I have an interest in country music as a whole, too), but I have no idea where to start. I can't read music, and I have a very basic understanding of tabs. What's the best way for a complete beginner like me to learn? I realize going to Spain or hiring an instructor (in person or online) are the best routes, but neither are something I can do right now. I may seek one out in a few years, but in the mean time I need to start off with something else. So what is my next best FREE option? I have enough to buy an inexpensive acoustic guitar and a few instructional dvd's, but that's it. I'm a very patient person who's willing to put in the basics for months before even attempting a song, so what do you experienced players think would have been the best route if you had to restart from the very beginning without having an instructor (at least for 3 to 5 years), but needed to self-teach? Should I learn classical, or look through a much more limited selection of flamenco instructional dvd's? I've looked through a few, but they seem geared toward those with a little experience with classical guitar already. Or do I just learn classical first, and then 'unlearn' a few things when I move into self-taught flamenco a year or two later? I'm so confused because it seems like there's just a limited amount of flamenco self-teaching aids, and they seemed geared toward those that know a bit about guitar already. There's slightly more classical self-teaching aids, but I've heard I'm going to have to UNLEARN (seems less efficient) a few things when I finally do move to flamenco. And then there's just basic acoustic guitar (country, pop, etc) with so many free instructional videos online So what should I do considering I'm a complete beginner with a little bit of funds and only enough time to spend 2 to 3x a week learning the absolute basics right now? My ultimate goal? In 10 years to be playing flamenco well enough on my own that I can enjoy picking through various songs from memory and having fun Where can I find Waking Ashland sheet music for piano? I've looked everywhere and can't find anything :-(
I really want the sheet music to "Counting the Stars" and "I Am For You." They are both absolutely amazing, and I would be extremely greatful to anyone who can help me! Thanks in advanced if you can help me!.

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