ukulele scale tabs

C# Major scale charts for Ukulele
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What should I play on my Ukulele? TABS ONLY!?
Im looking for any song that I can play on the Ukulele to keep me busy with it. I have learned to play Hey Soul Sister by Train, and a few scales. Also leave below scales I should learn and websites I should go to!! Thanks a lot! ~Brittany Led, you are awesome.Total Beginner Guide to Ukulele?
I have never played any kind of instrument before and just last week, i bought this ukulele and wanted to learn on my own during my spare time. But I have no idea where to start. Any help or guide (tutorials, websites, videos)? Appreciate it.What is it called when you play individual notes on a ukulele/guitar?
i'm new to ukulele and i'm trying to research tips but i don't know what to google. I'm not talking about playing chords, i mean reading off tabs and stuff like that for note sequences. I need to know how to hold my fingers and which fingers to strum which string etc but once again not sure how to google it. thanks!Cute songs for the ukulele?
I bought a uke nearly a year ago and I haven't really learned to play anything other than chords and scales. I'd like to learn some songs preferably catchy and easy! If you know of any please answer! Best answer will go to whoever can suggest songs and link to chords. :) thank youuuu!Should I give ukulele and guitar lessons?
I'm 13 and going into 8th grade next year and I was thinking of some ways to make money, so I thought "Guitar Lessons!". Last year I got a uke and taught myself how to play it and I'd say I'm at around the intermediate level. A few months later, I picked up the guitar and taught myself how to play that, too. About another month later I bought a bass guitar, but i'm still a beginner at that, although I do know how to read sheet music and I know a few simple scales. For the ukulele and guitar I know a bunch of chords, a few techniques, and I know how to read tabs. I was just wondering if I should do beginner guitar/uke lessons and for how much? Also, how should I get the word around? I would just do it unofficially at my house.

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