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What are the best songs with ukuleles?
I really want a uke (hopefully will get one for xmas) so I'd like to hear some good ones, so I could possibly learn how to play some!How to play jingle bell rock on a ukulele!!?
how to play jingle bell rock on a ukulele!! how to play jingle bell rock on a ukulele!! how to play jingle bell rock on a ukulele!! i don't want it to be strummed. i want it to be picked plz gimme the song!! My dad really gets on my nerves?
So I am in my late teens and I have been taking voice lessons for two years now and I have been playing the ukulele and guitar for a year. I do all of this to entertain myself. I really don't do it for attention from others by any means. I do enjoy performing at places though but I don't go and perform unless I get invited by someone that is the head of it. I really feel weird inviting myself if you know what I mean. But anyway, my dad has came to a few of my performances and it really gets though his head.Some older person tells me I do well, he has to butt in and run his mouth and say "She just picked it up in a week blah blah blah" I mean he tries to use me for attention for him. Even when I sing a song entirely out of key he thinks it sound good and he want me to play it for someone. He even forced me to play for one of my cousins who came to my house one day. My cousin never even acted interested in my music and my dad had in his head he would. I once went to see some Xmas lights with my grandma and when I got there, he called my phone and asked me if I brought my ukulele. Once we went to a meeting with my mom which was a hundred miles from our home. My dad said I should play my ukulele for them. I told him no. He got all mad and said, "How do you think you will be famous if you don't play for people." I told him I am not interested in getting fame. He still got mad at me. And he recorded an awful video of me playing on his phone and he goes around showing it to people which is extremely embarrassing. He tells people that I can play all of the Beatles songs and it sounds way better than the Beatles. (He doesn't like that band and barely listens to any music at all). When we witness a singer or musician on tv, computer, or in real life, he gets mad and he says I am way better than them. I get ******* sick of it. Music is not about being better than others or competing! I now try to play and sing in private area when I practice. I really don't know how the hell I am going to put up with it. Does anyone else have a similar problem? I asked him before, if I ran onstage and strummed on chord and ran back off, would that be art? He said yes. I mean he is obsesses over my playing he doesn't care how well I play, he thinks if I know how to play an instrument, I will somehow get famous and then he will get attention for being my dad. I try hard to find music to play that I know I will like and he doesn't like just no he can leave me alone. Like I said, I want to play for my enjoyment and not have some douche bag nag me all the time. Excuse my language. Music is all about enjoyment, there are many kinds for different people out there. And it sure isn't all about competing, though some people think it is. I know some people who will compare and indie band to a nu metal band or something which I think is wrong. Everyone has their own different style. My dad doesn't realize that. He is nothing but I dumb country bumpkin. I really don't know how to deal with him. Anyone has any suggestions? Lol. Sorry this is long! Thanks in advance btw! And sorry for my awful spelling too! I didn't proof read like I should have! What I meant was I wanted to find music I liked and I know he really doesn't like just so he can leave me alone. And also what I meant to say was he is nothing but a dumb country bumpkin lol xD Yes, I will take your word for it, if I do manage to find a man, many years down that road, that is not like my father. And if I can afford kids lol! I want to find a musician that actually enjoys himself.

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