ukulele chords with numbers

Baritone Uke chord chart
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Questions & Answers :

What do long numbers after a ukulele chord mean?
I was looking for the chords for a song, and I found that some of them say things like "Am:355333" or "E:x00232." What do these numbers mean? *Edit* To mikelaatz: I see. But these chords were specifically for a ukulele, which only has four strings. Could the numbers mean something different?What is the numbers in the chords of a ukulele?
like A - 2100 or sumthing.. im new to this so please tell me what is it or how to do it? thanksWhat are the ukulele chords for Lateeya You Don't Deserve Me No More?
There are a lot of chord numbers like 0311, and I try putting my fingers like that, but I didn't think that it was a chord. And plus, I searched everywhere for the chords, and a lot of people put number chords. Can you tell me the chords for You Don't Deserve Me No More by Lateeya? Please tell me the letter chords, that would be very helpful. Thank you. (: And it has to be ukulele chords, thank you! (:Ukulele chords - What does stuff like 0202 or 0005 or 3020 mean?
I've been checking out some ukulele chords sites and some only provide numbers such as those mentioned above, which I do not understand. Please help!!!Ukulele chord help!!! please?
what chords does this mean?: 4222 2225 2100 0232 like put in letter form like A or AM for exampl.

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