ukulele chords with finger placement

G Ukulele Chord
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Open Question: Guitar chords/finger placement = Ukulele chords/finger placement?
Ive found that the chord C on a guitar is the same as the chord F on a ukulele.. Chord D is the same as chord G on a uke and finally a guitar chord Em is the same as a uke Am.. I was hoping for somebody to tell me the ukulele s equivalent to a guitar A and D?What are the finger placements for these ukulele chords i dont know how to read this?
2 2 4 0 0 2 4 0 4 3 4 1 4 4 6 2 thanks!How do ukulele chords differ from guitar chords?
Finger placements, tabs, etc.Open Question: Having trouble with finger placement on the ukulele ?
Hey guys, I'm trying to learn how to play a ukulele. I got the tuning and notes down, but when I start placing my fingers on the chords and began strumming, i couldn't get the noise to come out of that string. Only plucking noises. For example, if I try to play the C note, the string where my finger goes won't play the tune. Are the strings on my ukulele too tight? So is my tuning wrong? Please help!Ukulele question????
I play the guitar right now (for fun). I can play some chords and power notes My question is, is the ukulele similar to the guitar? I know that the strumming is different but are the chords basically the same? Is it difficult to learn? (Sorry I'm clueless). I am considering buying one by the way.

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