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Better Together sheet music by Jack Johnson (Lyrics u0026 Chords u2013 155326)
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What guitar chords and ukulele chords go together?
I started playing guitar almost a year ago and my buddie I play with has been playing his ukulele more often. I'd like to have a nice jam session but they don't work as well together as I would have thought. Do they go together? And if so, any tips of chords that work well between the two? I tried to find something but my searches only bring up chord converters. Thanks, much love.Open Question: What are some ukulele chord combos that go together well?
What are good ukulele minor-sounding chords?
I've been learning the ukulele now and i love playing the chords Fm - C7, they just sound so amazing together but i cant seem to find any other chords that match.. ive been trying to find some matching chords to go with the minor-sounding theme but cant. Any ideas? Also if someone could give me some great minor sounding chords working together similar to that. I love playing songs that have great minor chords that sound awesome. For example songs i love played/playing on the uke: Misirlou, Grenade (bruno mars), and Somewhere over the rainbow. These all have some minor twists in the songs. Are there any other suggestions for songs or chords with cool minor chords??I am trying to write a song on my ukulele but i am very stuck with some chords to play!! help?
i am looking for great chords and a kind of subtle yet different sound to play. i am looking for a string of three chords that go very nice together but please not C,F,G :L any help? thankyou xGuitar has three basic chords used in tons of songs, does ukulele as well if so what chords are they?

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