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Ukulele Music Sheet NOT CHORD question?
I got a ukulele about 2 weeks ago and I know simple note melodys on the bottom/top three strings. I want to play proper full songs by real artists, not traditional songs. Whenever I search an artist -Taylor Swift is the one I want the most- only Piano music sheets come up and no ukulele ones. I cant play the piano one because theres two sections for each hand and also each not has about three notes vertical on it. I think guitar music sheets will be more common even though i havent found any yet, but can you use guitat on ukulele? I want these music sheets free off the internet, yes! i know its illegal and I'm really bad but people download free songs off the internet and you can get free piano sheets, so why not ukulele? IMPORTANT: I want the melodys, notes on the lines, not chords/tabs. Thank you so much sorry for being so long :/Ukulele V.S. Guitar chords they're the same right?
Ukulele V.S. Guitar chords if I can't find a ukulele chord sheet, I can use a Guitar one they're the same right? But the general 'chords' would work ( not talking about tabs)Ukulele sheet music (20 characters)?
Hello everyone! Ok, so I am hoping to get a beginner ukulele soon. I have no previous experience with instruments so I'm a little confused on this subject. I know pianos require sheet music, but what about ukuleles? How am I supposed to know what chords to play on the ukulele for a song? I've heard that you can tune a ukulele using a piano to compare sound with the notes, so can a ukulele use sheet music too like a piano? Thank you and God bless!Can you use Guitar Chords on the Ukulele?
i know the fingering is different and so on. but my question is can you use a guitar's chords lets say Am Em but on a ukulele Am Em would it sound the same similar ? Will a Am on a guitar sound like the Am chord on the ukulele or similar to it??? thanks I'm sorry my wording is confusing i know the ukulele's chord positionsHow to play the D/F chord on the ukulele?
There us D/F on a song I was trying to play it and I have no idea what it means? Help There is no "D/F" on my chord sheet.. I'm using GCEA tuning on the ukulele . Another chord I can't find is D4. What the heck is this crap.

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