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Chords and how to play for baritone ukulele?
Hi Okay so the only songs I can find to play on the ukulele are for concert, soprano and tenor. As in the chords D,G,B &E. I want to learn how to play it also but I can't seem to find any beginner tutorials to read anywhere for specifically baritones And the only chords in a song sheet I found were for "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and I don't really like that song so much. :P I was looking in general and for the song "Hey Soul Sister" ,"Safe and Sound" and "Bubbly" for the baritone. c: But another catch is it can't be on videos because I need to be able to print it out for my teacher Well If anybody can help me I'd appreciate it, I'm just so frustrated. >~< Thankies !Does anyone know the Chords to Somewhere Over The Rainbow (The Glee Version)?
Im trying to find the Chords to Somewhere over the rainbow the version Glee did!HAWAIIAN SONG CHORDS FOR UKULELE?
does anyone kno the chords for tha hawaiian songs honey baby, island woman, and bruddah iz: somewer over tha rainbow?How to start playing the ukulele?
I was looking into trying to play the ukulele I have started playing the trumpet for a year now and I know all the fingerings because they sort of repeat. Playing the ukulele seemed easy enough but then I looked at all the charts for all the different chords and it seems really hard. Would an average joe intermediate player really need to know all the chords I'm seeing and how hard is it to learn all of em.What chord thingis are used in somewhere over the rainbow on ukulele?
thanks! :.

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