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Ukulele chords?!?!?!?!?!?
I will love you forever if you can tell me the ukulele chords for New Girl's intro song. :)Ukulele help!!!! Thanks. Guitar chords to Ukulele chords!!?
What is the G chord on the guitar correspond to on the Ukulele? G, C, Em, and D on the guitar= what on the Ukulele?! I am trying to play a song I know on the guitar on the Ukulele but the chords don't seem to match and I know I have my ukulele tuned correctly. Help!!I need tips on barring ukulele chords?
Hey everyone! I'm teaching myself to play the ukulele (I have a soprano uke) and I really want to learn "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train, but I'm having massive amounts of trouble barring the E chord! So I would love some tips on how to hold your fingers and stuff in order to not hit the bottom string while barring it. Thanks! Also, any other awesome songs to play on the uke, I'd love to know! (please, don't suggest jason mraz, he's obvious, and I have a few of his already)Which Ukulele/Guitar Chord Is This?
I have a ukulele, i'm not sure if it is the same for both. But it is very similar to the F chord, if you can imagine the F chord, it is the same but instead of having your finger on the second string of the first fret, it is on the third string of the first fret, and the other finger is still on the last string of the second fret. In other words, this chord has one finger holding down the last string of the first fret and a finger holding down the third string of the first fret. I need to know what that chord is called! Thank you in advance.Ukulele chords help!!?
I'm trying to figure out the chords for this song! Can someone write out the chords please? Thanks SO MUCH! :)

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