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How to read ukulele chords?
i know how to read ukulele chords, but what i don't understand is the small number on the left of them or a line going straight across on top instead of the o's.Ukulele chords .?
can someone explain what the 7th chords are and why they are different, because G7 and G sounds exactly the same to me huh ?Guitar chords = ukulele chords?
so are guitar and ukulele chords the same. i mean if i play a G on my ukulele and then a G on a guitar are they the same or different. Im trying to find tabs for a song on my ukulele and i can find the chords for guitar only. can i use it??Northern Downpour ukulele chords?
I love the song "Northern Downpour" by Panic! At the Disco. Can someone please tell me what the chords and/or strum pattern is to this wonderful song on ukulele?Nevershoutnever ukulele chords!?
hey there. i play the ukulele and i have been practicing a few songs recently. i really like a band called nevershoutnever, and you are probably only useful if you know who he is, either that, or know a LOT of good places for ukulele chords. i can already play all of the songs off the 'me and my uke EP', and i got those from, so there is no point recommending that sight. please, does anyone know where i can find UKULELE chords for his other songs, even though they are done on guitar? do you think anyone out there has them? do you think it is even possible? anyway, it would be a great help if you knew, and even better if the chords are nice and simple to play, my fingers are little you see! also, i think the best songs are from the summer EP, so if you know where to get chords from those songs that would be fab! i am being really picky now, am i not!? ;) thanks in advance! love you.

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