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Converting ukulele chords to guitar chords?
I'm a guitar player, but I'd like to learn a song that uses ukulele chords. The ukulele chords are Dmaj7, E7, Aadd9, Gdim. Is there any way I can make these chords sound like they do on a ukulele, but on a guitar? I would really appreciate the help. Also, the song uses a uke tuned to C (standard uke tuning) Here is the song. anyone know the ukulele chords for Pray?
I am looking for the ukulele chords to Justin Bieber's song Pray. I would like to play it for a friend who is going through a hard time in life, but through it all she still seems to find some joy. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the help! Hey Kelso, I am going to ignore the tone of your answer, as it was scathing and rude. I feel as though I must point out that although you may feel superior for googling something you felt as though I could not, you made a mistake. I am looking for the ukulele chords, not the guitar chords. If this is too difficult, let me put this in a way that may make it wasier for you to understand. Hey dumb A**, I want the f**king ukulele chords, not the guitar chords. Were you bred to be stupid, or was your mom just dumb as a wall? Are chords the same for left handed ukuleles?
Hello, i am completely new to playing a uke but i've always wanted to play one. Ive watched many tutorials but im a lefty and almost everyone is a righty. I was just wondering? When you play lefty (i have a left handed uke) do you put your fingers on the same string as where the right handed people put it on. For example if they put their ring finger on the string closest on the floor. Would you do that as well if you are a lefty? Please no rude comments. Thank youI Feel So Frustrated With Everything? Sorry, It's Long:(?
Thought this might be understandable as I am just a teenager, I feel so frustrated with everything to the point where I feel like I'm going to break down and cry. FIRSTLY: My father. I hate him, he hated me and is now trying to make up for it. For 14 years he showed only hatred and bother towards me. Now, after all those years, he's trying to make up for it. He keeps hugging me and smiling and saying "I love you" and blah blah blah, but I HATE him. I'm not going to tell you all he did when I was younger, but let's just say it's unforgivable. He's not like my father, he wasn't ever there, not from when I was born and not even before he started wanting to 'make up for it'. He just can't seem to realize I don't want him in my life. Now he's causing more problems in my family. Now he's trying to make up through my aunt who has two kids and a husband who is half as bad as him before he tried to 'make up for it'. He's pushing my mother to the side to help my aunt with whatever she needs and playing with her kids and so on (which he NEVER DARED do when I was younger). It's creating much more problems between my parents and, well not me really since I don't care what he does outside of home, but my little brother. It's all very irritating. SECONDLY: School. Not really the school work, but keeping my social status and experiencing normal high school things (though I am not talking about sex and drugs), but small things like rebelling; sneaking out of school grounds and all. I would like to try it only once and my mother doesn't mind if I do it once, but she's PLANNING my ditching school. She says I should do it next Friday lunchtime and she would pick me up outside. I mean REALLY? My mom is planning this FOR ME? It's annoying and ridiculous! THIRDLY: I don't get much sleep and I might have a slight eating disorder. I would sleep for about 5 or 6 hours every night for a week and then the next week I'd sleep much more than that. It's messing with my moods. Then there's my eating disorder. It's kind of confusing as it is not really specified (EDNOS); I eat under 500 calories every day and when I go slightly over that limit I purge. On bad days I purge every meal I eat. And I have those very rare occasions where I exercise excessively after eating, but they are rare. Yeah, this is long, but it's just a little sliver of my problems. How can I relax? I need to figure all this out for myself, but I need something to temporarily relax me. Any suggestions to hold myself steady and not break down and actually cry? Thanks:) (Please no rude comments and/or answers)I keep thinking about his boy on the internet I don't even know?
Well a few months ago I discovered a boy (he's my age) online when I was looking for some chords to a song. I apologize if this is too long. I am not very good at summarizing things. Anyway, I checked out his videos and I felt spell bound. He is very good and he really does look like he enjoys himself while he's playing his music. I found out he likes a lot of the same older music that I do (Pink Floyd, ELO, King Crimson, Beatles, etc.) I don't know why, I guess I am attracted to him. When I am not doing anything he pops up in my thoughts and I keep trying to block him and I tell myself "he is just some person on the internet whose music you are a fan of". I don't stay on my computer all day long but when I do log on, I always have to see his youtube, he is the first one I have to look at. And also on the facebook, I always have to look at his music page on facebook to see if there's anything new. I feel bad for him because he doesn't have as many subscribers on youtube as he deserves. I sent him a message to try starting a little conversation and he replied back. He thanked me for the things I said about his music and he watched a few of my videos and told me I did well on my ukulele videos (I posted a bunch of videos of me playing the uke). So when he uploaded something and I saw it, I would comment and he tell me thanks and then he would comment on some of mine. Anyway, I need to quit this. I am in the middle of GA and he is all the way across that huge pond from me. He lives in Wales. And see, I dream about him too for some dang reason. Please no rude ugly comments. I just want some advice on how to stop it. I mean it gets to where I see a cute guy at a store and I tell myself "Not as cute as this dude." I guess this Welsh boy is nice looking but I guess I really admire his passion for what he enjoys. Anyway, thanks in advance! I sure don't let these thoughts get in the way of my responsibilities. Thank you Brandon. To be honest, we really haven't talked that much. Just commented but it has been awhile since he's commented on a video of mine. He usually comments on mine around the same times I comment on his. But a few times a week, he likes a video of some music he likes. But anyway, we are not really buddies yet but I wish we could be and then become pen pals lol. But here's one things I noticed, when I comment on his videos he later gets on youtube, and comments on mine and then replies back to my comments on his. Does this mean anything you think? I really wouldn't tell him my feelings unless we have had several conversations. I really do thank you for posting though Brandon, you're right, I really don't have nothing to lose! :) I mean I don't have ANYTHING TO LOSE! sorry.

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