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3 Chord Songs for the Ukulele : StrictlyUkulele
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What are the Ukulele Chords for New Perspective?
hi, im learning the ukulele and i would like to know the uke chords of new perspective by Panic! At The Disco.UKULELE SONGS !?!?!?!?
does anybody know a website that has easy beginner ukulele songs? Preferably one with the frets because i cant read music lolEasy songs for a new ukulele player?
Recently I've bought a ukulele, and I just wanted to know some easy songs with a few, simple chords. Im looking mostly for indie, pop punk or alternative music. I've already learned Adam's song by Blink-182, which was just C, Am, and F.Ukulele chords for ?
I really need to learn the song "30 Days" by NeverShoutNever on the ukulele, but can't find the chords anywhere.. Does anyone know what the chords would be on Standard Tuning (preferably, if not then let me know what the tuning has to be)? Here's the song if you want to work out the chords by ear: Pleaseeeee let me know asap!!! Thanks!! Ps: the tutorial on youtube doesn't work (the one by "Pinoymalgy")Ukulele chords?!?!?!?!?!?
I will love you forever if you can tell me the ukulele chords for New Girl's intro song. :.

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