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Beginner Ukulele Lesson: Get Off the Page and Into the Song u2013 Ukulele
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Ukulele chords?!?!?!?!?!?
I will love you forever if you can tell me the ukulele chords for New Girl's intro song. :)Are guitar chords the same as Ukulele?
I play the guitar ( self taught, my mom won't let me take lessons cause I already take piano for the past 6 years and she thinks I should keep doing that, but my brother plays so he shows me some stuff) and I want a Ukulele. Are the chords the same or ami I going to have to learn how to completely play new chords? Please AnswerBarre chords - for the Ukulele?
Are there any Barre Chords (movable Chords) for the Ukulele. Like there is for guitar. I'm just learning. Any good tutorials? Images useful. ThanksUkulele lessons in NEPA?
Where can I go about finding a place to get ukulele lessons in my area? (Northeastern PA) Or do you think it would just be better to buy a book and teach myself?Ukulele Chord Question?
I'm trying to read the chords for across the universe by the Beatles and there's this one F#m chord that I have no idea how to do! If anyone could find that chord (I couldn't) or it would really help if you could tell me how to make a minor chord sharp. That would be great. Quick answers are always awesome too! Thanks.

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