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How do I restring my right handed ukulele to a left handed?
I just bought a right handed soprano ukulele totally forgetting that I'm left handed. How do I restring it to a lefty? I've thought about just changing the notes but I highly doubt it would've worked.Is there a left handed ukulele?
I want to learn to play the ukulele. My friend was teaching me how and we couldn't figure out why it sounded different when I tried to play what he did I'm left handed so I was playing all the chords backwards. Should I try to learn to play using my right hand or is there a such thing as a left handers ukulele? Wouldn't we just tune a regular uku backwards?Where can I find a left-handed ukulele?
I would like one that isn't terribly expensive. There are tons on Amazon but I didn't find any that are left-handed. HELP! soprano please :)Left and right handed ukulele questions?(read description)?
Okay so I'm right handed, I want to learn to play the ukulele, but I play the guitar strumming with my left hand and play guiter hero on the lefty side how would me getting a ukulele work, I basically can't do anything with my left hand exept strum?Is there a difference in the chords depending on what hand you use on the ukulele?
So, I'm getting my first Ukulele tomorrow and i was watching tutorials on how to play songs that i like, but these people are all right-handed. I'm left handed.. Are there different chords i would have to learn instead of what is already played? I don't really know anything about uke's but i really want to learn how to play one.. ALSO. I was talking to a friend (she knows alot about uke's) and she said i had to get a specially made uke since i'm left-handed. I don't really know where to look. I am looking for a Lanikai Soprano Ukulele though. I would like to know if there are any places that sell left-handed Lanikai Soprano's in the Sacramento, CA area. Thanks.

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