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Harmonica : harmonica tabs jingle bells Harmonica Tabs at Harmonica Tabs Jingle Bellsu201a Harmonica ...
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How to play jingle bell rock on a ukulele!!?
how to play jingle bell rock on a ukulele!! how to play jingle bell rock on a ukulele!! how to play jingle bell rock on a ukulele!! i don't want it to be strummed. i want it to be picked plz gimme the song!! Ukulele and Guitar match well together?
My friend and I are preparing to play christmas songs in christmas. For a class. But we are both EXTREMELY beginners. I havent even started learning the ukulele yet and my friend just started learning guitar a few months ago. I just plan on learning that ONE song on the uke for now anyway but Do you think it would be possible for both of us to play together in unison? It isnt a big deal or anything its just a class performance in class but but still, is it too difficult to do for beginners.

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