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Questions & Answers :

What are the ukulele chords for kids by mgmt?
the strumming pattern as well. thank you.Hard to strum when in G chord - ukulele ?
I've just started playing the ukulele, and when I strum in G chord (and others where 3 of the strings are being pushed down on) The strings aren't making any sounds, just blunt sounds? I'm not pressing too hard or anything. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks (:PLEEEEEEEASE, help me find ukulele chords/tabs for the song The Prayer by Kid Cudi.?
I'm trying to learn this song really fast for a talent show. It's last minute. Please. Thank you.How to teach kids ukulele?
Someone asked me to teach a week long class on ukulele. I have never had any formal training of ukulele and mostly learned from the internet. I do not know how to read tabs, only chords. How should I approach teaching the class? Should I just teach what I know? How should I present the information to the kids?Ukulele Christian/ Worship songs?
Anyone know where I could find chords or tabs for any good worship songs? Even for little kids? My favorites are: The Stand Power of Your Love Prince of Peace B-I-B-L-E Hold Us Together All My Fountains If anyone could help me out? Thanks.(.

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