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Easy Ukulele Chords for Beginners : Coustii
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What are good ukulele minor-sounding chords?
I've been learning the ukulele now and i love playing the chords Fm - C7, they just sound so amazing together but i cant seem to find any other chords that match.. ive been trying to find some matching chords to go with the minor-sounding theme but cant. Any ideas? Also if someone could give me some great minor sounding chords working together similar to that. I love playing songs that have great minor chords that sound awesome. For example songs i love played/playing on the uke: Misirlou, Grenade (bruno mars), and Somewhere over the rainbow. These all have some minor twists in the songs. Are there any other suggestions for songs or chords with cool minor chords??What ukulele chord is this?
Hi guys! So I got a ukulele recently and have been messing around with chords and such and played a certain one. After looking online, I still can't seem to find the name of it. So the chord is (string number starting from 1 on bottom to 4 on top): First Fret: Second string. Second Fret: Third string. Thanks in advance!What are some low pitched ukulele chords?
I'm relatively new to playing and I'm looking for any chords lower than A minor (Am chord) Does anyone know of any?How do you transpose guitar chords into ukulele chords?
Ok, so I play ukulele and I was trying to find the chords to my favorite song, so I asked the lead singer if he could give me the ukulele chords to it. He said he didn't know the ukulele chords, but he gave me the guitar chords: E, Ab minor, F# minor, A ..How do you put those chords into chords that will work and sound good on ukulele with standard tuning? Please help!Ukulele Chord Question?
I'm trying to read the chords for across the universe by the Beatles and there's this one F#m chord that I have no idea how to do! If anyone could find that chord (I couldn't) or it would really help if you could tell me how to make a minor chord sharp. That would be great. Quick answers are always awesome too! Thanks.

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