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How to read ukulele chords?
i know how to read ukulele chords, but what i don't understand is the small number on the left of them or a line going straight across on top instead of the o's.Can somebody please link me to a website with diagrams of all ukulele chords?
I've been playing guitar for a long-*** time now. I recently ordered a tenor uke online just for s's and g's and I was just wondering if one of you lovely people could give me a link to all standard ukulele chords :) thanks much, Ricky.What are the Ukulele Chords for New Perspective?
hi, im learning the ukulele and i would like to know the uke chords of new perspective by Panic! At The Disco.Ukulele sheet music (20 characters)?
Hello everyone! Ok, so I am hoping to get a beginner ukulele soon. I have no previous experience with instruments so I'm a little confused on this subject. I know pianos require sheet music, but what about ukuleles? How am I supposed to know what chords to play on the ukulele for a song? I've heard that you can tune a ukulele using a piano to compare sound with the notes, so can a ukulele use sheet music too like a piano? Thank you and God bless!The difference between guitar and ukulele?
i know this is a stupit question but .i wanna learn to play ukulele cause i like its sound, but i Wonder If its possible to play all the tunes or chords like on guitar. Whats the basic difference ? (please dont judge me im a complete noob :D i play piano but just by ear so i have no idea about music theory ) thanks:.

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