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How do you play the D7 chord on the ukulele?
I am new to playing the ukulele and the book I have on how to learn it isn't quite clear on a few things. The D7 is confusing to me, along with the D chord. If someone could please help me that would be lovely :)Campfire ukulele, i need songs?!?!?!?!?!?
hey i go to an all girls christian camp, i want to do a devotion and sings some songs with my ukulele, but i cant find any chords online!!! i just need some christion/campfire ukulele chords, thanks! im looking for chords not snide remarks from ignorant people!Can you use Guitar Chords on the Ukulele?
i know the fingering is different and so on. but my question is can you use a guitar's chords lets say Am Em but on a ukulele Am Em would it sound the same similar ? Will a Am on a guitar sound like the Am chord on the ukulele or similar to it??? thanks I'm sorry my wording is confusing i know the ukulele's chord positionsUkulele chords help!!?
I'm trying to figure out the chords for this song! Can someone write out the chords please? Thanks SO MUCH! :) conversion into Ukulele?
Please convert the following: Eb, D7, Gm7, C7 (guitar chords) into ukulel.

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