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U is for Ukulele : Ukulele Chord Chart
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Ukulele chords?
Hi. I am a total noob with the Uke. I'm curious what the names of the chords are with open strings (GCEA tuning) ie with 4 open strings, what is that called - as a chord. Now if I mute one of the strings, what would it become? For example: If I mute top G, with the three remaining strings open, what is the chord called? What about muting the bottom A? What about muting two of the strings? For example, the bottom two Yeah, I know that sounds like I'm just picking, but it does have a strummed sound with two strings muted IMHO What is the deepest chord possible on the uke in GCEA tuning? Thanks!!! I'm trying to make my own tabs for the uke and the chords roughly translate from guitar tabs, but so many guitar tabs are really inaccurate or at the very least in wildly wrong keys thanks!Converting ukulele chords to guitar chords?
I'm a guitar player, but I'd like to learn a song that uses ukulele chords. The ukulele chords are Dmaj7, E7, Aadd9, Gdim. Is there any way I can make these chords sound like they do on a ukulele, but on a guitar? I would really appreciate the help. Also, the song uses a uke tuned to C (standard uke tuning) Here is the song. chords to mandolin chords?
I'm the proud owner of a lovely mandolin (aw, yes. :-)) but there's piles of tablature for ukuleles and hardly anything for my poor old mandolin. Is there anyway that I can learn to convert ukulele chords into mandolin chords? I've tried tuning my mando to a uke, but I ended up snapping a string after several attempts - not pretty. So, yes. I appreciate any help! Thank you! I'm not too bad at playing - I can play banjo and guitar, and I've been playing the mandolin for about a year. It's just that I'm a little frustrated at the lack of 'popular' music for it.Need ukulele chord help please?
My friend (*secret) plays the ukulele but me and him can't find the chords to a particular song he wants to learn. There is a ukulele cover of the song Listen To Your heart by Roxette. if you could please find the chords for me, that would be a big help. thank you. please type the website you find it thank you. you're a big help.B Flat Chord on the Ukulele?
I'm a beginner ukulele player, and i'm having major trouble on the B flat (bb) chord. Whenever I try to play it, i can't seem to get enough pressure on the A string. I took about 3years of guitar lessons, if that means anything. Even then I was having trouble with bars. Does anyone have any tips for what I should do? It's really frustrating because a lot of the songs that are supposed to be easy use this chord.

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