ukulele chords b minor

bm ukulele chord
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B Flat Chord on the Ukulele?
I'm a beginner ukulele player, and i'm having major trouble on the B flat (bb) chord. Whenever I try to play it, i can't seem to get enough pressure on the A string. I took about 3years of guitar lessons, if that means anything. Even then I was having trouble with bars. Does anyone have any tips for what I should do? It's really frustrating because a lot of the songs that are supposed to be easy use this chord.What is the EASIEST way to do a Bb (B flat) chord on a ukulele?
This is the only way I know how to do a B flat chord and it is such a pain!: (You might have to copy and paste the link). Is there an easier way?I'm learning to play ukulele, but I just have a confusion with minor and major chords altogether?
Can someone explain what the difference is? Thanks :) @Mikey, just Mikey, I don't have a music teacher. I learned by myself, thank you. But excuse me for bothering you with a question too-low-a-standard on a question-answering site.Ukulele to Guitar Chords ?
What would Bbm Ebm Fm on ukulele be on a guitar ? thanks !! <3What ukulele chord is this?
Hi guys! So I got a ukulele recently and have been messing around with chords and such and played a certain one. After looking online, I still can't seem to find the name of it. So the chord is (string number starting from 1 on bottom to 4 on top): First Fret: Second string. Second Fret: Third string. Thanks in advance.

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