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Twinkle Twinkle on Ukulele u2013 Jazz chord Melody : Ukulele Resource Center
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Ukulele chords .?
can someone explain what the 7th chords are and why they are different, because G7 and G sounds exactly the same to me huh ?Ukulele chords .?
can someone explain what the 7th chords are and why they are different, because G7 and G sounds exactly the same to meUkulele chords?
Hi. I am a total noob with the Uke. I'm curious what the names of the chords are with open strings (GCEA tuning) ie with 4 open strings, what is that called - as a chord. Now if I mute one of the strings, what would it become? For example: If I mute top G, with the three remaining strings open, what is the chord called? What about muting the bottom A? What about muting two of the strings? For example, the bottom two Yeah, I know that sounds like I'm just picking, but it does have a strummed sound with two strings muted IMHO What is the deepest chord possible on the uke in GCEA tuning? Thanks!!! I'm trying to make my own tabs for the uke and the chords roughly translate from guitar tabs, but so many guitar tabs are really inaccurate or at the very least in wildly wrong keys thanks!Guitar chords = ukulele chords?
so are guitar and ukulele chords the same. i mean if i play a G on my ukulele and then a G on a guitar are they the same or different. Im trying to find tabs for a song on my ukulele and i can find the chords for guitar only. can i use it??How do I make a Guitar/Ukulele chord sound like a specific note?
I want to write a melody, and I have the right notes in my head, and I know the notes on the uke, but when I try and play the chord of that note, (eg; G note to G chord) it sounds too high or too low. How do I get the chord to sound more like the specific note.

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